Int'l Financial Declaration

This form is for use by non-US citizens who are not seeking need-based financial aid as evidence of the financial support available for their educational costs for each year they attend Mount Holyoke College. Admitted students will later be asked to supply a Certification of Finances form to Mount Holyoke's McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives as part of the visa application process.

The comprehensive, billed cost to attend Mount Holyoke in 2022-2023 is USD 75,678. Required health insurance, travel expenses, books and personal expenses are additional. The minimum recommended support per year is USD 80,000.
Financial Support
Enter the financial support guaranteed for each year you will attend Mount Holyoke below.
  • Amounts must be in US Dollars
  • Do NOT use characters, such as dollar signs $
First-Year Students: This form will not be considered complete unless the support available for each of your four years at Mount Holyoke is listed below.

Transfer Students: Please fill out funding for each of the years you will be attending Mount Holyoke and "N/A" for the rest. (For example, if you completed your first year of college abroad, write "N/A in the "1st Year" box below, then fill out funding for 2nd-4th year.)

Statement of Agreement and Signature
By submitting my electronic signature below, I certify the following:

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